james yap

February 2005 nang makilala ni Kris Aquino, ang bata at guwapo na si James Yap na isang PBA cager.

Si Kris at James Yap ay lihim na nagpakasal noong July 10, 2005, ngunit kinumpirma ang kanilang kasal sa publiko noong April 2006.

Pagkatapos ng dalawang taon, si Kris at James ay napabalitang may pampublikong pag-aaway. Noong February 2007, inakusahan ni Kris si James ng pagkakaroon ng Love affair sa isang receptionista sa Belo Medical Clinic,ang pangalan ay Hope Centeno.

Subalit sa ilang buwan,on April 19, the couple patched things up when Kris gave birth to James Yap Jr., a.k.a Baby James or Bimby (now five years old).

Noong June 27,2010, inihayag ni Kris sa Sunday talk show, The Buzz na ang kanyang kasal kay James was over.

Tinanong niya sa hukuman na idedeklara ang kanilang kasal walang bisa sa Agosto 9, 2010.Nakukuha niya kung ano ang kanyang gusto. Ang utos ng hukuman na nullifying kanilang kasal, sa batayan ng “kakulangan ng kapangyarihan ng solemnizing officer,” ay ginawang opisyal na noong nakaraang taon, Pebrero 2012.

Sa pagkakaalam ng publiko, ang kanilang paghihiwalay ay smooth with James upang makita ang kanilang anak sa mga tiyak na araw ng linggo.

Kris said this about their settlement, September 5, 2011: “It was fair. I don’t think he was greedy.

Kris is singing a different tune today.


November 30, 2012:

In an interview with , James Yap described his relationship with Kris, “Oh, we’re good friends right now.”

December 8, 2012:

Kris would deny this, saying, “No, that’s not true. Ayokong magpaka-plastic sa inyo.

“Di ba, it’s easy to tell na, ‘Yes, we are friends, we are good.’ But, we are not.

“I think we’re better off having a distance from each other. Kasi nami-misinterpret namin ang isa’t isa.

“I hold no bitterness in my heart, but I have no desire for any closeness.”

December 10, 2012:

In response to accusations that she was using James for publicity, since she was then promoting her Metro Manila Film Fest entry Sisteraka, Kris would post on her Twitter account .

“Pasensya na, I’m still in the hospital so may papatulan ako. I read in my timeline I’m being accused of using my ex husband for publicity.

“All I said was that no bitterness doesn’t necessarily mean a desire for closeness. I have my reasons, I felt nabastos ako in my own home last week.

“I’m not making a big issue but i was offended deeply & sorry di ko kaya to be plastic & pretend we are friends.

“Sorry ha, on steroids & heavy doses of antihistamines so my patience is short.

“I’ve matured considerably because I didn’t mention what we Fought about. Wag na lang sana ako i-provoke because I’m trying to remain patient & quiet.”

The fight she was referring to, the public will eventually find out, will be her basis for filing the PPO against James.

January 13, 2013:

In an interview, Kris will keep mum about the incident, saying, “I promised my sisters I won’t talk about him… sorry, ha.

“Ayoko talagang if you say something now, tatanungin na ninyo naman siya, hahaba nang hahaba lang. It’s really for the sake of our son.”

February 8, 2013:

A few days before her 42nd birthday, Kris posted on her Twitter account:

“Siguro birthday blues talaga–last night while taking care of  Bimby I had to sign another check in the millions, last payment sa financial settlement with you know who…

“I cried because of my past stupidity at sa exhaustion I feel sa trabaho na unfortunately hindi naman kay Josh & Bimby napunta ang pinagpapaguran ko…

“Honest parang cold water was poured all over me to realize that maybe huwag na lang umasa ever to find my happily ever after…

“Haayyy birthday blues. Just needed to get that pain off my chest.”

Apparently, Kris had changed her mind about what she initially referred to as a “fair settlement” not born of “greed.”

March 15, 2013: 

Kris Aquino files a Temporary Restraining Order (TPO) against James Yap in a Makati City court for “overstepping his boundaries and of attempting to seduce her while visiting her home, and of inflicting psychological harm on their son Bimby.”

March 16:

The TPO is approved, putting into effect the following:

“James Yap should stay away from Kris Aquino and the minor child and any household member at such safe distance but not less than 100 meters.

“Stay away from the residence, school, place of employment, or any specified place frequented by the petitioner and the minor Bimby and the other household members.”

March 20, 2013:

 A copy of the Permanent Protection Order (PPO) Kris filed against James comes out in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, in a report by Rina Jimenez David.

By noon, James’s legal counsel had called for a presscon with the major television networks, at their office at the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Atty. Sonya Castillo, one of James’s lawyers, said she was surprised to find that the press already had a copy of the PPO saying, “How can you have a copy nung petition, e, bawal ‘yan? E kami nga, di kami makakuha agad ng kopya.”

Atty. Castillo was referring to one national broadsheet which carried the news on the PPO, citing passages from Kris’s very petition. The other media outlets, including PEP, had no such copy.

In an exclusive interview, an emotional James recalled the events that took place on December 3.

From his point of view, the actions which Kris took offense with had come when he and Kris had been joking around.

James recalled, “Ang kuwento talaga dun, bago nangyari yun lahat, okay kami, e. Nagbibiruan kaming dalawa.”

He added that they were comfortable with each other, that Kris would sometimes say to him that his clothes were “baduy” and that he would say to her “You gained weight.”

It was in that vein, according to James, that the incident Kris referred to in her PPO petition took place. He was about to go home, after visiting Baby James in Kris’s condo, and he was asking for a goodbye kiss from his son.

By then, Bimby had entered his mom’s room and was refusing to kiss his father, which James read as an offshoot of Kris being around the boy.

So James said he jested with his son, telling him that if he can’t get a kiss from Bimby, James would kiss his mom instead.

James said that Kris’s reaction was a smirk and the words, “Yuck, yuck, yuck… Kadiri!”

Still joking around, James said he held Kris by the arm to show Bimby that he was about to kiss her. But now, the basketball player said he was surprised at Kris’s words. “You’re hurting me!” Kris is supposed to have said.

The words sent their son Bimby into action. He lodged himself between them and kicked at his father, trying to separate James from Kris.

At this point, while the boy was hugging his mom, James continued, Kris, who was facing James, began making faces at James.

In effect, James was saying that Kris was merely bluffing to court her son’s sympathy.

Seeing this, James told Kris: “Ikaw talaga! Ikaw talaga!”

He said that no more words were exchanged, and he left.

The next day, James received a text message from Kris saying that she was offended by the incident of the day before.

So he called up Kris and, in turn, expressed his grievances over how their son Bimby had now developed a dislike of him.

James asked Kris if she had influenced their son into hating him. She denied it. He continued to pour out his resentments, saying “Kinakawawa mo na ako masyado.” Then the phone line got cut.

He called her back, and this is when the conversation took an ominous turn. Because now, Kris allegedly told him: “Baka nakalimutan mo, may three years pa ang kapatid ko.”

PNoy has three years to go on his six-year term as the 15th President of the Republic.

During the  interview, James’s lawyer also suggested that the PPO Kris had filed may have been triggered by James’s refusal to sign Bimby’s adoption papers.

MARCH 21, 2013:

On this night, Kris appears on three primetime news programs, with her three sisters—Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, Pinky Aquino-Abellada, and Viel Aquino-Dee—seated beside her.

Kris tells the TV audience that the December 3 incident left her feeling “violated as a woman.”

Responding to James’s allegation that she was merely pretending that she got hurt to gain their son’s sympathy, Kris said:

“Eto lang—matalino ang anak ko. Alam niya kung anong totoo, alam niya kung anong palabas lamang.

“Instinct yun ng bata, na gugustuhing protektahan ang nanay niya. Inuulit ko, I kept quiet.”

Kris then narrated another incident which, she said, occurred on March 8, when James was visiting their son.

Ang sinabi ni Bimb, ‘Mama, Papa’s saying that he never hurt you. But he’s a liar ‘coz I saw everything. I was there, Mama, I saw it,’ Kris said.

“Iyak nang iyak ang anak ko dahil sinasabi sa kanya ni James, ‘Hindi totoo ‘yan, hindi ko siya sinaktan.’ And Bimby was there.”

Kris, backed up by her sisters Pinky and Ballsy, denied James’s accusation that Kris threatened him with the statement: “May tatlong taon pa ang kapatid ko sa puwesto.”

Kris told Ted Failon, “I didn’t. Alam mo, Ted, kung kapangyarihan ang pag-uusapan natin—why is he able to hurt me so many times?”

She also denied that her filing of a PPO was triggered by her ex-partner’s refusal to sign Bimby’s adoption papers.

Kris said, “Categorically, I deny that. Hindi totoo. Again, kasinungalingan.”

She also announced her resignation from all of her shows, saying that being a public figure brought her and her son under intense public scrutiny.

However, in her next pronouncements on the resignation, she and her camp invoked “contractual obligations,” which means that Kris would still be seen on all her three shows: Kris TV, Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw, and Pilipinas Got Talent.



Those who followed these two stories about Kris, with Joey Marquez in 2003, and with James Yap in 2013, observe some similarities and coincidences.

Both interviews were special, and did not occur inside network studios. The 2003 interview happened in the Cojuangco family home on Times Street, while the 2013 interview took place in an area on Scout Tuazon, also in Quezon City.

On both occasions, Kris wore very little makeup and had her hair tied back.

In 2003, it was Kris’s then close friend Korina Sanchez who did the interview on TV Patrol, which was aired simultaneously with Mel Tiangco’s interview with Joey Marquez on GMA-7.

In 2013, Kris was interviewed by Ted Failon and, afterwards, by Jessica Soho for 24 Oras on GMA-7 and State of the Nation on GMA News TV.

With the Joey issue, Kris had her mom to back her up. The late President Cory Aquino made an appearance, embracing a daughter who was both tearful and apologizing to her. With the James issue, Kris had her three elder sisters Ballsy, Pinky, and Viel seated beside her. They all wore black.

As the 2003 TV Patrol interview was staged in dramatic fashion, there was public conjecture that the seemingly spontaneous tell-all had in fact had coaching.

Sa  source would say that Kris was “coached” by Deo Endrinal, her talent manager and a network biggie, who told her to face the camera when addressing Joey and when mentioning her father Benigno Aquino’s name.

But the ABS-CBN executive denied this to YES! in its November 2003 issue headlined: Kris & Joey, Dangerous Liaison.

Still, there was an eerie resemblance between the 2003 and the 2013 interviews.

The camera work, the sighing, the tears, the very detailed narration of events, and the declaration that she had been “violated as a woman.”

In both instances, she claimed that it was not her camp that first made the news public.

The implication is that it was James who first made noise by giving a TV interview on March 20, and that Kris had simply reacted in her TV interview on March 21.

When The Buzz picked up the story on March 24, in its Sunday timeslot that same week, that was in fact how it wrote up the story: James had started the public furor.

But James’s lawyers said that what was not tackled, “rather conveniently,” was that James gave the interview as a reaction to that morning’s (March 20) newspaper report on Kris’s PPO petition against James.

James’s lawyers added that March 20 was a Wednesday. The newspaper reporter Rina Jimenez David would have received a copy of the petition at least the night before, which would be March 19, for her to publish the writeup on the 20th.

James’s counsel, the Kapunan Garcia & Castillo Law Office, said they could prove that it took them days to get a copy of the petition. Therefore, they said, their camp could not have leaked the PPO to the press.

In 2003, Kris said this about her credibility: “Kung mayroon ho akong puwedeng panghawakan sa buong buhay ko ay hindi po ako sinungaling.”

In 2013, she said: “Kilala na niyo ang pamilya ko, lahat kayo kilala ninyo na rin kami. Hindi kami nagda-drama. You don’t have to believe me, you just have to believe my son.”