It’s very easy to make  this cheesecake and it’s delicious. Hope everyone like it!!!


1. 250 grms.  biscuits digestive

2. 80 grms. butter, melted
For the cream

3. 500 grms. cream cheese 

4. 100 grms. powder sugar 

5. 1 lemon jelly sachet dissolved in ½ cup warm water

300 grms.  fresh cream cheese 

1 lemon (zest)


1. Sauce with fruit of your choice

2. Dissolve the jelly lemon in ½ cup water and let it cool completely.

3. Grind cookies in a blender and make them powder.

4. Transfer to a bowl. Add the butter and mix them well with your fingers.

5. In a 20cm pan place the buttered biscuit mixture and press well with the back of spoon to stick and flatten the surface. 

6. Meanwhile whip the cream with the powder sugar to make a light cream (not too tight because it will blow).

7. Add the cream cheese and the lemon zest and gently beat on low speed to unite.

8. At the end add little by little the lemon jelly and pour the cream over the cookie. 

9. Place the mold in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours to freeze and stabilize.

10. Finally, decorate with sauce and we have chosen ….