Loukoumades are the  favourite in Greece and Cyprus.


1. 5 teacups flour, all-purpose

2. 1 sachet of yeast

3. 1 teaspoon salt

4. lukewarm water as much as to have a rubber mixture

5. honey cinnamon

6. walnuts if you like

7. corn oil for frying


1. Place in a bowl the flour, salt and yeast, mix well and add water little by little

( attention): must be little warm and not hot because it will destroy the yeast and it will not rise. )

2. Add as much water to make the mixture thick and cover it in a warm place to rise.

3. Pour into a deep saucepan much oil almost half a bottle and wait to warm up thoroughly.

4. With a tablespoon take some mixture and pour into the oil, thereby becoming ball.

5. We have with us a glass of water to dip the spoon in order not to stick and with one skimmer we turn them quickly and get them out on some kitchen paper.

6. Serve with honey and cinnamon and if you like spread some walnuts on them!