Yema is a type of custard candy made from egg yolks and condensed milk. This is a common Filipino dessert and one of the easiest to make.


1. 3 tbsp unsalted butter

2. 3 egg yolks

3. 3 tbsp. peanuts, chopped


1. Place the butter in a heated saucepan and allow to melt

2. Stir-in the condensed milk and allow to cook for 3 minutes

3. Add the egg yolks then continue stirring for 2 minutes

4.  Set the heat to medium and put-in the chopped peanuts then stir until the mixture becomes thick (about 15 to 20 minutes). Adjust heat to low when texture is about to be achieved.

5. Turn-off the heat and allow the mixture to cool down

6. When the temperature of the mixture is tolerable, scoop a spoonful then roll with your hands to form a sphere (ball shape).

7. Transfer to a serving dish and apply your desired presentation.

8. Serve and Enjoy!!!