Fish Fillet

Try this recipe, it’s easy to prepared and to cook…


1. Pollock fillets

2.  1 can of beer

3.  Flour

4. 2 cloves garlic (medium)

5. 2 tbsp. oil

6.  1 handful of nuts

7. Salt – white pepper

8. 1 tsp vinegar

9. Parsley (optional)


1. Defrost the pollock fillets and prepare the batter by mixing flour with beer in a large bowl until it becomes a mush that stands on the fish and doesn’t run.

2.  Add salt only if you try the batter. Fry in pan in very hot oil.

3.  The day before serving, prepare the garlic side salad and leave it rest one day in the fridge.

4. In a multi mixer, stir the bread, the garlic, the salt, the vinegar and the nuts and add oil gradually.

5. Try while stirring in order to get the flavor you want.

6. Serve hot with Potato mashed and Enjoy!!!