Cassava cake

This Cassava cake recipe is a great on its own or served with ice cream or cream. Just followed all the steps below.


1. 500 grms. of freshly-grated cassava

2. 100 grms. of sugar

3. 60 ml. of water

4. 100 ml. of condensed milk

5. 200 ml. of coconut milk

6. 1 and a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

7. Butter (for greasing)

8. Heavy based pan

9. Glass or ceramic baking dish (22cm square)

10. Large bowl

11. Whisk


1. Combine the sugar and water in a heavy-based pan and heat gently until the sugar dissolves.

2. Increase the heat to medium high and cook, stirring constantly, until the mixture turns into a golden brown caramel.

3. Butter a 22cm square glass or ceramic baking dish and pour in the caramel then set aside to cool.

4. In the meantime, combine the grated cassava, condensed milk, coconut milk and vanilla in a large bowl and beat until smooth.

5. Pour this over the caramel in the baking dish then transfer to a preheated oven of 200°C.

6. Bake for about 35 minutes, or until a knife inserted into the centre of the cake emerges cleanly.

7. Remove from the oven and allow to cool to room temperature.

8. Carefully take a flat-bladed knife and run around the edges of the cake to loosen.

9. Turn out onto a serving plate so that the caramel is on top.

10. Slice into squares and serve.Enjoy!!!