This Filipino vegetable recipe is one of the healthiest recipes around. Ginisang Ampalaya is translated as Sauteed Bitter Melon.Cooking Ginisang Ampalaya is very easy. However, some people prepare the bitter melon beforehand to eliminate its bitter taste by soaking it in water for a few hours and then squeezing some of its juices. This can release the nutrients of the vegetables, but at least it will be more delightful to eat to hose who cannot too much bitter taste.  Juzt followed the steps below.


1. 2 pieces ampalaya ( bitter melon ), cleaned and cut into thin slices.

2. 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper

3. 2 tbsp. salt

4. 2 eggs

5. 18 ounzes luke warm water

6. 1 large tomato and sliced

7. 1 large onion and sliced

8. 3 oil


1. Place the ampalaya ( bitter melon ) in a large bowl.

2. Add salt  and luke warm water then leave for five minutes.

3.  Place the ampalaya in a cheese cloth then squeeze tightly until all liquid dip.

4. Heat the pan and place the cooking oil.

5. Sautee tha garlic,onion and tomato.

6. Add the ampalaya mix well with the other ingredients.

7. Put in salt and pepper to taste.

8. Beat the eggs amd pour over the ampalaya ( bitter melon ) then let the eggs cook partially.

9. Mix the eggs and the other ingredients.

10. Serve hot with rice. Shared and Enjoy!